Aetos Pharma

We care

Tackling not just pandemics like Covid19, but generating a better, healthier life around the world is our core motive.

Quality and Range

We ensure our products contain only the finest and suitable chemicals.

Rigorous Testing

A single examination approach can never determine the integrity of a pharmaceutical - We ensure enhanced approaches.

Fairness of Price

Medication is the fundamental need of every human being in this world. Only the standard prices are charged. No exploitation or unfair methods are undertaken by us.


We believe every requirement is individual and unique - We never impose any restrictions in the Quantities ordered if that is within our minimum manufacturing batch size.

Covid19 Outbreak

During the recently occured COVID19 pandemic, hand sanitizers are holding a paramount importance in ensuring hygiene among the citizens of India. We’ve undertaken a massive production of Indian Sanitizers in all our plants, supplying bulk quantities to local pharmacists and general stores on everyday basis. These sanitizers are supplied at lower than market rates to fight the growing inflation and unethical activities.